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HOT!!! Recommend - My Favorite Bamboo Bags

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      I love Bamboo Bags! If there was any trend to follow this is one that was a must for me. Some call them Basket Bags or the Ark Bag but they are these bamboo wood structured clutches that make you look like your travel to far off countries, only eat the finest cuisines, and speak five languages. So classy and simple, yet so fun and adventures. Bamboo Bags have already been named the “It Bag” for the last few seasons and have gained a crazy amount of admirers. 



       You may have seen some of your favorite stars rocking the bag already. Michelle Williams was caught with the Ark Bag while shopping a market in Rome. Just to reiterate what I said before, she did look well traveled, fine cuisine fed, and like she could spit some flawless Italian with her fabulous bag in tow



       So, I purchased my super chic Bamboo Bag from Lovevook. By visualize, I mean to see yourself out on the town with your bag so you can assess what you may need. For example, I typically bring my phone charger with me because my phone is always dying. I won’t have that option now so I need to prepare beforehand and actually charge my phone at home. Some friends of mine like to reapply makeup throughout the day. Instead of bringing your makeup bag in your purse like you usually do try waterproof or long-lasting eyeliner and mascara. Make your life easier!



   Besides, Environmentalize! Yes, I made that word up. But, it still means protecting the environment. When you're checking out at the store say “No, I’m ok without the receipt”. Have them email it to you. Save trees! You look a mess with all that rolled up paper in your bag.



       Finally, after all those steps are complete get out there and live your best bamboo bagged life! I think the bag compliments well with a colorful sundress or maxi like this one I found with Lovevook. Accessorize more with a sunhat and wrap ankle sandals to match the bamboo. You’re due for a nice stroll in the park or a trip to the bookstore to get a good read.



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