LOVEVOOK Waterproof Backpack For Woman, Large Capacity, with USB port, Fit 14inch

$73.99 $147.98

[Large capacity & popular secrets can be opened by snapping] Size: 34.5cm*27cm*14cm Weight: Approximately 1.07KG, Number of pockets: 9 (Outside 4/Inside 5)

External pockets: Front zipper pocket x1, side pocket x2 Anti-theft pocket x1 on the back. Internal pockets: small item pocket x3, main pocket x1, 14-inch computer pocket x1, 14-inch laptop or A4 size documents, tablets, small objects can be stored, very convenient.

[Exquisite details]:

① There is a USB charging port on the side, which can charge the phone.

②There is a carry handle on the back, which is easy to hold and make it feel suitable for women.

③The handle of the main storage space and the meticulous and delightful double-layer zipper can be opened anytime and anywhere, which is very convenient.

④ The width of the shoulder strap is very particular, so it won't hurt even if you put heavy objects. It is not easy to maintain in rainy days, just wipe some water droplets, you can use it for a long time.

[Anti-theft pocket & carry-on function] There is a hidden anti-theft pocket on the back, so you can use it safely even if you put in valuables such as wallets and smartphones. As a carry bag, it can be fixed to the suitcase, which is very convenient when traveling or on business trips!

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