Geometric Luminous Crossbody Bag with Chain Sling Reviewed by Raina Abesteh

geometric luminous crossbody bag

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but her purse is a close second.

geometric luminous bag

The latest and greatest in handbag trends is here and it’s a showstopper. The LoveVook Geometric Luminous Holographic Reflective Bag has a unique design and beautiful prism colors to complement any outfit.

geometric luminous holographic iridescent crossbody bag
The Geometric Luminous Bag comes as a backpack, cross-body, wallet, hand bag and more.

Without the flash on, the bag has a gray tone with subtle pink, purple and green hues which become brighter under the sun. Once the flash is turned on, the bag transforms to luminous, bright holographic colors! Perfect for every day use, parties, work or traveling!

geometric luminous holographic iridescent crossbody bag

The crossbody purse is spacious and made with quality materials which can hold all your everyday belongings. The chain strap is the perfect length for any height and is detachable, making it perfect to use as a clutch. Who doesn’t love a multi-use bag!


The Geometric Luminous bags are full of personality and will revamp your bag collection. Hey, a girl can't have too many bags! Especially with free shipping, there is no reason to wait!

Are you ready to make a statement and turn heads? Try out a bag and if you don’t absolutely love it, LoveVook offers a flexible return policy! You’ve got nothing to lose and a very unique bag to gain!

geometric luminous holographic iridescent crossbody bag



Blogger information:

Raina Abesteh from Generation YYZ, a travel and lifestyle blog, featured the Geometric Luminous crossbody purse with the chain strap in her article called "What Makes This Purse Unique? I Turned on the Flash and...."

You can read about how the bag performs in natural daylight as well as under flash photography from her blog!

Instagram: @ms_raina  @generationyyz




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