We are on today show! . In the early 2023, one of the best things of the year has already happened to us! Our LOVEVOOK backpacks are highly recommended on Today Show from NBC! On Today Show (Mar. 1st, 2023),...
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WOW! We made it to millions of readers!
Guess what? We made it to millions of readers on ones of those best channels in the world, more than once! We are so thankful that phenomenal magazines and programs like Yahoo, Usmagazine, Today, etc. recommended our Purses and Backpacks...
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How to make my Iridescent luminous bags glow?
We use a special material for our geometric luminous bags that changes color due to different light reflections. Depending on the color and intensity of the light, it would present different color effects. These range from black to slight purple/green...
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