How To charge my phone with USB port from LOVEVOOK Laptop Backpack?

How To charge my phone with USB port from LOVEVOOK Laptop Backpack?

Step 1

Connect the power bank with the port inside the backpack

Step 2

Connect the USB Port outside with your phone

Step 3

Open your power bank and start charging



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  • Nancy

    Where do I get the power pack to charge and put in my backpack?

  • Ruth Saxton

    So disappointed in the charging station. What is it I still need to make this work 🤦‍♀️

  • Brittany Lauren

    I share the disappointments of the commentators above. Charging instructions were not included, then discovered that an additional purchase was required to charge my items using the bag (that advertised charging capability). It is a good-looking bag, however, I have good-looking bags.

  • Alyssa

    The charging feature is very misleading – the need to have a separate power bank negates the value of the feature entirely. The backpack offers nice organization and storage — so there are other reasons to love it. But, if you’re buying it for the charging feature, look for something else.

  • Susie

    I admired the backpack of a friend and she said it had a phone charger as well.. so I purchased it only to find out I need more items to get it powered.. love the backpack but very disappointed with that feature..It came with a chord but no way to charge..😩

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