How to reset a backpack lock? - For LOVEVOOK Laptop backpack with Lock

How to reset a backpack lock? - For LOVEVOOK Laptop backpack with Lock

Using laptop backpacks with digital password lock and an anti-theft pocket helps a lot, especially when you are traveling. It is safe guaranteed for protecting your valuable items inside, such as laptop, wallet, keys, passport, etc.

Enjoy the wonderful and worry-free trip with LOVEVOOK!


You may need a little bit help if you forget the combination. Luckily, we have attached a little notice card of lock instruction in the backpack, you may find it in the bag, please check it out and try.

And you may check more details from the listing which you ordered from too.


How to use the lock:


How to reset the code easily:


If there is still any problem, please don't hesitate to contact us via online inbox or email (, providing with your order id and problem, we would check and help.


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  • Lori Basten

    Help please. I purchased a backpack sometime ago for a trip to Thailand. Finally using it and locked out …it worked 3 or 4 times and now won’t unlock….Help!

  • Brandon rodgers

    I recently purchased a bag but the code is not working and I can’t reset it please help

  • Crystel

    I just got this back pack and it’s zeroed out and it won’t let me ouch the button in to set a code. So I can’t get the locked part open. No advice has helped. Can someone please guide me through the steps? Thanks!


    Hi I got this backpack for school and I guess someone messed with it when I left to go to the restroom and now I can no longer reset the password and every time I try to search it up i can’t find it
    PLS HELP!!!!

  • Andrew Markley

    Like many of you, I have had problems setting my passcode on my backpack. Ignore what Lovevook tells you because they don’t know how to set their own locks.
    Step 1: Set code to default passcode (0-0-0)
    Step 2: Press firmly on the very small button/indent near the clips which hold the zippers in the lock.
    Step 3: Once the small button is pushed into the lock set your passcode. (The numbers should be harder to move now)
    Step 4: Press the unlock button and it should set it to the passcode you have input.

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