1. How to contact us?

E-mail: support@lovevook.com

Instagram: @Lovevook

Facebook: @LovevookBags

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lovevook/

Twitter: @LovevookBags

Youtube: @Lovevook

Pinterest: @Lovevook

Phone number: +86 13823509148

Whatsapp: +86 13823509148

Skype: +86 13823509148

Threads: @Lovevook


2. How to place an order?

Please add the products to shopping cart and check out your cart. Then pay it with Paypal or credit card as suggested during secure paying process.


3. How to track my package?

We would provide you a tracking number when package is sent out, you may check it on here. Or input tracking number in 'Track your order' section in our website via 'Service & FAQ'

If tracking number is "1", it means that it was sent out and it should arrive in 3-5 days.

If there is no tracking number, pls feel free to contact us with your order id and email address, we would get back to you as soon as we checked.


4. Can I make wholesale orders?

Yes, please feel free to contact us for more info. If there is a specific product you are interested in, please send the link of it as well. 

E-mail: support@lovevook.com


5. How do I get LOVEVOOK exclusive deals?

We would invite our fans and customers to join our community group, where we share exclusive deals, giveaway, reviews, and sneak peek, etc.

Please join our group by providing your order id and email address:



6. What tag should I use if I want to share my LOVEVOOK moments?

We would be thrilled if LOVEVOOK makes your day.

It would be such an honor if you could share them via Instagram ( and Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, LTK, etc.) tagging @lovevook and #lovevook , and you would have a chance to be featured in our listing and social medias, and get a special discount offer for your future orders. 

Also, please join our community group and share the moments with our sweet fans too. We all love to interact!



7. How to charge my phone with Laptop Backpack with USB port?

Step 1:  Connect your power bank with the port inside the backpack

Step 2:  Connect the USB Port outside with your phone

Step 3:  Open your power bank and start charging

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8. How to use backpacks with lock?

Please kindly check out instruction and instruction video from product listing. And you may check out more help from the blog post below. Or please contact us with your order id for help.

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