Anti-Theft backpack-Recommend by Maria Sorokina

Anti-Theft backpack-Recommend by Maria Sorokina

   Hello! I am to you with a huge boast. I wanted to update my leather briefcase, with which I have been walking for more than 3 years, with something equally practical. And found! I'm so dragged from this backpack, just horror.
   I'll start with the materials. The main one is oxford. Heard about this? I've never been up to this backpack. It differs in water resistance, wear resistance, dirt resistance, heat resistance (from -50 to +110), durability, ease of maintenance. When I opened the parcel, my mother immediately said - this is a cool thing, she will not wear out, and she understands the materials.

   The lining of polyester, handles, the edges of the straps, the rim of the bottom of the backpack - PU leather. And as it is stitched, the eye is pleased with such factory quality. Not a single thread, glue, some kind of shoal, there was no smell at all. Zippers and locks are also of excellent quality, made of stainless steel.
    By the way, the bundle includes a stylish white bag-bag with puffs.
    Already paid attention to the unusual location of the internal department? At first it was unusual for me, but when I got used to it, it became very convenient! First, when the zipper is at the back, it automatically protects you from thieves. Secondly, thanks to this increased the capacity of the backpack. Thirdly, it's just fun and stylish.
   Outside there are two more pockets on the lock, the average size. For every little thing that may be needed at any time (comb, keys, travel, pass, etc.). On each side pockets for bottles, finally, you can not push everything inside! If we look inside, we will see two departments in a large inner part, and pockets on the other side - 3 small ones for small items and one small one with a lock.
    Webbing long, adjustable.
    The height of the backpack is 33 cm, the length is 33.5 cm below, 23 cm above, the height of the handle is 7.5 cm, and the width is 12 cm. Weight is about 540 g.

     I have already experienced the backpack in the snow and in the rain - it really doesn’t get wet. It is very easy to wash it, just hold the cloth. 

     Here is the link to product:

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